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Karen Hilltribes Trust Karen Hilltribes Trust

We at ella georgia jewellery fully subscribe to the philosophy that trade, more so than aid, will help to overcome poverty, improve conditions and create better lives for people in developing nations. This is why we are forging strong links with the Karen Hilltribes Trust.

For centuries much of the population of northern Thailand has been composed of ethnic groups commonly known as 'hilltribes'. The largest of these is the Karen hilltribe, many of whom still live in the more remote mountainous areas due west of Chiang Mai. They are subsistence farmers who live often without electricity or clean water.

The Karen are also noted for manufacturing beautiful silver jewellery, which is up to 99.9% pure, and as such has a higher silver content than Sterling silver. It is this that gives it its unique colour, touch and feeling of weight.

The Karen Hilltribes Trust aims to improve health by installing clean water systems, latrines and blankets; improve access to education through the provision of transport, accommodation and student sponsorship; and improve opportunities for income generation through irrigation, the regeneration of land and the sale of traditional crafts including their silver and weaving. We are currently working with the Trust to ascertain how, through selling the hilltribesí exquisite jewellery, we can best support this invaluable work.

Click here for more information on the Karen Hilltribes Trust


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